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  Satellite Communication has changed the world we live in. With the advancement in satellite technology, even the most remote village can be hooked up to the rest of the world, shrinking distances between people. Satellite communication can also complement the fiber optic network to resolve the last-mile or local loop barriers allowing fast and secure access to critical business information through voice, video and computer based information systems.

At Century, we have added satellite communication solutions to our menu of services for businesses and governments. This allows business enterprises to build a private high-performance nationally or globally unified information infrastructure that is capable of paying back attractive financial dividends; governments to communicate with their missions internationally; and TV and Broadcast Stations to link with their reporters operating just about anywhere in the world. The delivered solutions will also offer significant operational advantages over existing common carriers, PSTN or telecommunication leased line services.

We can provide turnkey solutions for the following:

  • Antennas
  • Radio Frequency Interference Site Survey for purpose location of Antenna Unit
  • Computerized Monitor & Control Systems
  • Digital/Analog Video Compression & Modulation Systems
  • Digital Satellite Information Gathering
  • VSAT
  • High Power Amplifiers
  • Satellite Gateways
  • Earth Stations
  • Satellite Modems
  • Transponders
  • Up & Down Converters
  • Multiplexer
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