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Broadband technology has ushered in a communication's revolution. By enabling voice, data and video-on-demand to be transmitted across the world at high speed, it has altered the way we live and work. A fully-evolved broadband will virtually eliminate geographical distances and reduce the time it takes to access information.

With our computer networking capability, we can provide consumers and corporations quick access to the information superhighway. We have a wealth of experience in implementing cost effective and flexible networking solutions for customers. We are able to design, install and maintain all your office and enterprise communication and networks needs. Our network solutions seamlessly connect the desktop to the server, to your organization Intranet and the wide expanse of the Internet.

The solutions and services we provide include:

  • WAN/LAN Network Design
  • Server Solutions
  • Networked Workstation Installation and Setup
  • Client/ Desktop Support
  • Wireless LAN Setup
  • Setup of Corporate Networks
  • Setup of Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) Networks
  • Networked Printer Installation/External Print server Installation
  • Switch Installation
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